Monoroof thanks Bolton Mountain Rescue Team with donation of £1000

In October we were delighted to host a visit from volunteers at Bolton Mountain Rescue Team and present them with a donation of £1000 to say thank you.

In 2022, our Contracts Director, Marcus Baker, was injured in a serious mountain bike accident at Rivington in Lancashire. He spent almost two weeks in Salford Royal Hospital intensive care unit with a punctured lung, broken collar bone and shoulder, as well as six broken ribs.

Bolton Mountain Rescue Team helped to rescue Marcus following the accident and were at the scene in less than 10 minutes

Marcus has made a full recovery thanks to the volunteers who helped to save his life and is back on his mountain bike, visiting the Alps with friends this summer.

Everyone at Monoroof is incredibly grateful to the volunteers at Bolton Mountain Rescue Team and it was lovely to meet some of the volunteers, including a member of the team who was first on the scene.

We know that local voluntary organisations and charities play an incredibly important role in our community and funding is always a challenge. It costs £40,000 per year to run Bolton Mountain Rescue Team and they rely on the generosity of the local community.

Marcus said ‘Bolton Mountain Rescue Team has a special place in our family. We visit mountains around the world – walking, snowboarding, camping and mountain biking – and we’re aware how important rescue teams are. We’re very lucky to have beautiful countryside on our doorstep and Bolton Mountain Rescue Team are always there when people need them. Our family support for Bolton Mountain Rescue Team goes back over 50 years. In 1972 our uncle, Terry Baker, died climbing Mont Blanc when he was only 20 and the family made donations to the rescue team in his memory. My auntie and another uncle were volunteers at Bolton Mountain Rescue Team in the 1970s and when my dad, John Baker, died in 2020 we made donations in his memory.’

You can read more about the visit and our support for Bolton Mountain Rescue Team over the past 50 years here: